The NinjaFetch platform can trigger a Webhooks callback upon completion of report generation or in the event of a failure. The platform supports three types of events - "report_generated", "report_generation_failed", and "data_pull_via_connection_failed". The response payload contains the following fields:

Field NameDescription
consumer_idA unique identifier provided by the client for each consumer
product_request_idA unique identifier of the IBV report
ibv_reportURL for retrieval of the IBV report
ibv_report_status“complete” or “generation_failed”
eventThe system event that triggered the Webhooks can be identified by its name. The supported events are "report_generated", "report_generation_failed", and "data_pull_via_connection_failed".


 "consumer_id": "12345",
 "product_request_id": "IBVCE90DDCCED4A0F0E5217",
 "ibv_report": "https://ninjafetch.com/api/v1/ibv/requests/IBVCE90DDCCED4A0F0E5217",
 "ibv_report_status": "complete",
 "event": "report_generated"

 "consumer_id": "34567",
 "product_request_id": "IBV2529C60A40F2B651639B",
 "ibv_report": "https://ninjafetch.com/api/v1/ibv/requests/IBV2529C60A40F2B651639B",
 "ibv_report_status": "generation_failed",
 "event": "report_generation_failed"

  "consumer_id": "67890",
  "product_request_id": "IBV7FC5433925C49AFD38DF",
  "ibv_report": "https://ninjafetch.com/api/v1/ibv/requests/IBV7FC5433925C49AFD38DF",
  "ibv_report_status": "reconnect_required",
  "event": "data_pull_via_connection_failed"

Please provide your Webhooks endpoint to the NinjaFetch Customer Success Team if you would like to use this feature.