How to use Echo service

API description

The Echo REST API is designed for server-to-server calls. The client API key is required in the header of API calls.


Clients may request connectivity information using a POST to: https://{URL}/ibv/connection_info


x-api-keyA unique API Key for the environment19YYgyZecTaSs2N0gjlq32Vh6DYes


routing_numberRouting number of the account the consumer wants to use for IBV. Used to identify the financial institution.074000013String/^\d{9}$/Yes
account_numberAccount number of the account.2302389238923String/^[0-9]*$/Yes


 "routing_number": "074000010",
 "account_number": "2302389238923"



Success - HTTP 200

routing_number The nine digit routing number passed to the endpoint 71000013 String
account_number The account number passed to the endpoint2302389238923 String
connection_exists True if NinjaFetch has existing connections for the routing number or any of the IBV aggregators on the NinjaFetch platform reported a matching financial institution. If the result is false, some aggregators may still be able to connect the user’s accounts using the search for institutions feature. TRUE Boolean
institutions Institutions found based on the routing number. More than one institution may correspond to the same routing number. Note that the consumer may connect/log into their account through an institution/site that is different from the one returned by this API. "[
Institution information
Json Array
[“institutions”][x][“name”] Name of the financial institution Chase String
[“institutions”][x][“login_url”]Login url of the financial institution String
[“institutions”][x][“status”]Status of the connection based on real time data.
The current version of the API supports two statuses: “normal” and “unreliable_last_3_day.” “unreliable_last_3_day” means the NinjaFetch platform has detected enough issues with the connection in the past 3 days to consider the connection as “unreliable”.


  "routing_number": "074000013",
  "account_number": "2302389238923",
  "connection_exists": true,
  "institutions": [
      "name": "Chase",
      "login_url": "",
      "status": "normal"


Invalid Data - HTTP 400

The API will validate the input routing number and return an error message if it is not a valid routing number.

 "message": "Invalid routing number."