Trial Access

Trial access can be used for development and testing to integrate with the NinjaFetch platform. Trial access functions exactly the same way as production access. The only limitation of trial access is that it has a quota on the number of product requests. The default quota is 100.

Follow the steps below to implement integration using trial access:

  1. Obtain an API Key from the NinjaFetch team

    The API Key is required in the header for all API access.
  2. Use your favorite API client to verify your API Key

    Follow the instructions described in the “Authorization” section of this document to call the endpoint. You should store the API Key in an environment variable.
  3. Update your web application to include the Widget

    Follow the API guides to create the frontend and backend integration with the NinjaFetch platform. Address of the Widget is You should store the path in an environment variable.
  4. Test your integration

    The table below describes how to test your integration using the Sandbox environment.
  5. Upgrade to production

    Trial access plan is available for Clients who want to test the production platform with real business data. The number of requests are limited under a trial license. Contact the NinjaFetch team to obtain a production API Key once you are ready to go live with the NinjaFetch platform.
TestcaseHow to triggerExpected Result
Obtain widget access token successfullyCall with all required informationA widget access token issued
Invalid API KeyCall an invalid API KeyAccess was not authorized
Null payloadCall without bodyValidation error - Missing consumer_id
Empty payloadCall empty payload {}Validation error - Missing consumer_id
Launch WidgetUse the widget access token obtained and correct data to launch the widget from your web applicationWidget launched successfully
Invalid widget access tokenUse a random access token to launch the widgetWidget did not launch. onError called.
Expired access tokenUse an old access token generated more than 60 minutes ago to launch the widgetWidget did not launch. Auth token expired error passed to onError
Missing required fieldsOmit some of the required data fields and launch the widget with a valid tokenWidget did not launch. Error with list of missing fields thrown
Report generated successfullyLaunch the widge. Click on “Connect My Account”. Search for “Dag Site” and select it as the bank. Use “ninja1.site16441.1/site16441.1” to complete the processWidget closed. Received product_request_id in onSuccess callback.
Retrieve reportCall{request_id} with the returned product_request idReport received
Error retrieving reportCall{request_id} with proper Mock-Repsonse-Type and Mock-Processing-Request values in the header. Refer to the Product API Specification about possible valuesError received